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Flower delivery is a primary service offered by flower designers. Customers normally look at their assortment of flower arrangements online or in-store. Customers' purchases are then delivered to a recipient's address.

Dedicated to granting customer satisfaction, florists make the effort to go over their needs. They give clients only the most flawless flowers and arrangements.

This means seeing to it they last for more than only a couple of days. And every floral designer knows that trying to keep flowers fresh is and ought to be their # 1 concern.

Proper Storage In-Store and Before Delivery

One of the most practical ways to enjoy long-lasting flowers is to keep them cool. It's also ideal to place them away from direct sunlight.

To make that happen, most, if not all, florists have at least one fridge cooler in their shop. This keeps their stock of flowers fresh and cool. Some people even purchase special storage machines to keep their floral products at a brisk 36-46 ° F. Florists also place finished arrangements in a cooler prior to delivery or pick-up. This maintains the flowers in great shape until they get to the customer or recipient.

A bunch of bigger shops also purchase cooling trucks or temperature control devices. With temps at 36-46 ° F, floral orders remain fresh despite long-distance trips.

Several flower shops also have same-day delivery in their area and nearby towns. So, clients can deliver wonderful arrangements to their loved ones in as soon as a few hours!

Development of Flower Delivery

Besides managing their shop, florists take orders from clients. They also talk to clients about requests they have for large gatherings and special holidays.

Prior to the web, many of the flower shop's clientele were walk-ins and phone calls. These clients normally needed a single bouquet or arrangement delivered that exact same day.

Nowadays, clients at times place large orders or customized floral arrangements. These are usually specific to events like:

  • a wedding
  • a luxurious party
  • holiday bash
  • a celebration of life.

After receiving their orders, florists craft the designs depending on the client's needs. These purchases are then either prepared for pick-up or sent for delivery.

Who Does the Flower Delivery?

Florists are in charge of crafting and prepping floral arrangements for their customers. Flower delivery drivers then pick up floral orders at flower stores and deliver them.

Flower delivery roles are usually entry-level jobs, so no prior experience is needed. But at a minimum, they should hold a valid driver's license and a spotless driving record.

Most flower outlets use box trucks to deliver their products to customers. Drivers should know how to use and maintain these trucks

The simple run-through of a flower delivery drivers' tasks are:

  • Loading flower arrangements in the delivery vehicle
  • Checking for any damages informing the florist about any problems
  • Transporting floral pieces to customers' or their recipients' homes or offices
  • Sometimes, asking for the recipient's signature as proof of delivery
Other than that, drivers also help in the store or storehouse. These involve taking out deliveries of flower stocks. They may also help the staff arrange floral products in the stockroom.

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